Sunday, October 17, 2010

Central Vacuum System (almost complete)

A few weeks ago I set (threw) my 5 year old standing filtered, bagless vacuum out in the beezeway.

The spring that held the wheels in place has sprung. It escaped. Gone.

This means that the wheels not only did not stay in the correct position when vacuuming, but sometimes they would actually turn around backwards, and become somewhat stubborn. Getting a clean carpet was like trying go get a burro to run sprints. Or even move.


We've got a 1/2 mile of cv tubing throughout the house. It was time to put it to work.

I called up Kirkwood Vacuum, in Cincinnati, on Kenwood. I got an answering machine. I left a message. Something about being the easiest ^&%#@^ sale they'll ever make, that my husband owed me, he promised me a CV system and it was about time to pay up. I said call him, tell him his wife said to install the ^^&**@%* thing, and that resistance was futile.

Something like that.

$1000 later, we have a vacuum that can suck a kitten into the basement and not even clog the system. We have 30 feet of tubing, some cool attachments, and most importantly,

a husband






Best call I ever made.

Pictures and explanations to come.
.... as soon as he's done with the crevice tool in the den.


Unknown said...

What central vacuum unit did your husband buy for you?

Mark said...

MD, we got an AirWay vac unit. It seems to be extremely sturdy. It's designed for an 8,000 sq' house, so it's only 4 times what's needed.

It's some SERIOUS suction.

I'll trot on with some pictures soon.