Monday, January 31, 2011

Hawk.... not a hawk.

We've been seeing a lot of hawks around lately.

Red shouldered Hawks, Sharpshin hawks, well fed hawks.

We've been seeing them in our backyard for a few weeks now; so much so that we've gotten to pointing them out according to their locations as "He's in position one." or, as in the picture here at the top of the blog post, 'position two."

Or sometimes he just gets in close, ready to pick off any slowpoke doves or distracted Starlings.

They're incredible beasts, huge birds, glorious gracious creatures.

So, recently I've gotten so used to seeing them around that, today, not more than ten minutes ago, I looked up suddenly from my laptop, having seen something in the corner of my eye.... and said to myself, "Ooooh, he's diving!"

Well, he wasn't.



SamW said...

Have noticed hawks up in the Peaselburg area as well - though I have note seen them alight!

Mark said...

Just keep a bird feeder going and chances are you'll get one to come in to take a shot at your "diners". :)