Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Almost time to fix the concrete

It's been this way since the beginning.

Ok, it's much much cleaner now, but it's still rather soulless.

This past Fall, the place next door to us was being worked on by the city. This included replacing hundreds (if not a thousand) bricks on the breezeway wall facing our entrance. A much improved situation, I'll agree, but the scissor lift did a hell of a job on our concrete ... cracks are bigger... one slab seems to have dropped 1/2". Not good. I don't think they're coming back to fix it, as they promised, either.

So it's time to start thinking about either digging it all up and re-pouring, or resurfacing. No way in Hades am I pouring the same grey/green sidewalk-looking, parking lot eyesore slab.

No, I want stamped and dyed concrete. Patterned in brink.

I want it, but not sure of the cost. I'm thinking... A LOT.

But first thing's first... we can't dig up and pour without setting in a new fence first, and our wrought iron fence has been locked up in the back yard for long enough. Time to start looking for the Sandstone base and a welder.

This is what I'm looking to base our plan on, although our fence is hairpin & loop (see pic below).

Not exciting, but it was 100% free. :-)

Of course, we could dig up the front slab (it's going away forever, I want a small garden plot in the front) and we could find a brick walkway under all that concrete. Who knows. Demo is a very exciting time.

Now where are those jackhammers?

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